What is the goal for a Barnabas Prep student?

Prep desires students to be at a higher level of independent living when they leave the program. The goal is to see this in their community interaction and awareness, in their working skills, in their home living skills, and in their personal spiritual lives.

This may not mean that they will live on their own, but it may. We desire that within their particular living situation, students reach their next level of independence.

What are the requirements for someone to be a student at Barnabas Prep?

  • Students must have graduated from high school or from an extended high school program.
  • They must to be able to show improvement in an independent living situation.
  • They must desire to be at Barnabas Prep for themselves and have the desire to personally grow in every aspect of life.

What is the cost?

Tuition is $20,000 a year. This cost includes all program needs- food, housing, and activities. (Personal toiletry items and any extra desired items during activities will be covered personally).

Are there scholarships of any kind?

We do not provide any scholarships at this time. However, personal research on your own or as a family may provide some options to finding available scholarships for your situation.

We can connect families to our development officer who can help with some ideas for ways to fundraise as a family.

Is there state funding of any kind available?

We do not currently take any kind of state funding as a program and are not looking to do so in the future. However, some families have been able to find some funding on their own through personal research. In light of this, we do encourage families to look into what states may provide privately.

How long is the program?

Barnabas Prep is a 9 month long program. We follow a collegiate schedule including break times. We have two semesters. Classes run September-December and January-May with holiday breaks in between.

Who works with students?

Barnabas Fellows are those who are part of the Barnabas Fellowship. These are the staff that spend the year living alongside Barnabas Prep students. The Fellows are college aged students who choose to commit a year to serving and loving on Barnabas Prep students. They live on the grounds with the students and are involved in all daily activities. They help the students work on their vocational skills, their living skills, and their spiritual growth. Fellows commit to being a student’s helper, teacher, overall community, and friend.

Can I bring my pet?

We ask that pets stay home with other family members. This is due to possible allergies of other students. Also, we take several trips throughout the year and there will be no one to care for the animals while we are gone. (If a student has a service animal this will certainly be an exception and will be allowed.)

What will I eat at Prep?

There are 3 meals a day at Prep in which students will be a part in the planning, shopping and meal preparation. The meals will be focused on being healthy as well as tasty. Students will learn about recipes and how to cook and bake many foods throughout the year. All meals are eaten together as a family.

What are living accommodations like?

Students will live at our Branson, MO campus. Each student will spend the year living in a household with other students and Fellows. All students will have one roommate who is also a Barnabas Prep student. At least two Barnabas Fellows will live on each floor but will live in separate rooms from the students. We desire that the students will learn how to live in community during their time at Prep, and for this reason, we ask that students share a room.

What was a previous student’s favorite aspect of Prep?

“My favorite experience was learning to become more independent and learning to have more confidence.”
Jennifer Stewart

“Just being with everybody and learning a lot more about being independent.”
Jaime Richards

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